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Refund Policy:

1. When client decided to cancel the work before approve or assign to the writer then client can order other assignment of same value. In case of writer assigned, we cannot refund your money back.

2. If, you have twice for the same assignment and you have two receipt of payment, you can claim for the payment refund. We will refund the money within shortest business time.

3. If, in rare situation the writer is not available to write the assignment then you can book other assignment of the same amount.

4. Please, confirm that all the material that you are providing before placing the order.

5. We are providing 100 percent customer satisfaction policy and we works till the customer satisfaction. Our writer can work within one month (10 days) of the time of order booked. We will not entertain any rework after more than one month from the assignment booked date.

6. We provide exact complete work. It will never happen that you will get fail grade. In any case, if it will be happen then we will refund 20% amount in your wallet. It is necessary that the fail proof within one month.

7. The refund policy is only available in case of point 2. If, you will provide us exact reason or provide us extra payment receipt.

8. The assignments are divided in three categories to book an assignment – Pass, Merit and Distinction. We will provide you good quality so that you can get better grade in your exam. If, in any case our quality will not good, we will work on it within the valid time. If, it will happen after one month then we will neither work on it nor refund your money back.

Note: If, your claim will not be according to the above mention criteria then it will not be a valid claim and in this case we will not refund back any amount.