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Terms & Condition

As every company has some terms & condition our company has also some terms & conditions. Please, read the terms & condition carefully before using our services. It is valid for every user who is using our product or services.

  • It is necessary that you must be at least 10 years old to using our services. You cannot use it before 10 years. If, you want to use then you must be submit the consent of your parent or legal guardian.
  • You will not share the receipt and your access right to others. You will not also share the course material or receive the services from other person unless we have mutually agreed in writing to do so.
  • We will never use the personal details of student for our personal purpose.
  • If, you will do any violation related to our company then your license will be rejected by the company side.
  • We use only trusted software that takes cares of security. Our professionals are always ready to help you. But, we will not guarantee that our website will be 100 percent error free.
  • It will not accepted for data loss or corrupt the data of your PC, server or network.
  • We have written to suspend access for the scheduled maintenance/update of our website.
  • We will not responsible for the access fail due to the server issue that is not in our control.
  • We will not responsible when a student will fail in any subject. We have experts and they always do the best.
  • When you get poor grades then we will offer rework service but there is no refund. And you have to follow the refund policy of our company.